If you recommend a new customer coming, both of you will get half hour free massage in a 90min massage

Bobol 's Chinese Tuina Treatment massage for Headache,insomnia,cervical spondylosis,frozen shoulder,sciatica.........

Tui na (pronounced tweena), which literally means push/grasp, is a series of pressing, tapping and kneading movements that allows the qi (chi), or energy, to flow to the affected area......

Chinese tuina massage use bone-setting,trigger point and range of motion testing,also use cupping,gua-sha ,acupuncture needles to deactivate pain.

Il travail les muscles, ligaments, rééquilibrer la posture avec Des mouvements précis. En faisant circuler l’énergie des méridiens Il améliore le bien-être en général.

Bobol massotherapy use:

1.Oriental Ultra Light Bonesetting technique is a full spine technique based on short lever manual therapy where alignment is done on each and every misalignment spine bone

2.Modern Damour one hundred and eight bone-setting technique

3.Traditional Chinese medicine massage for tendon and ligament replace

4.Meridian doctrine treatment for visceral diseases clinical application



Our philosophy is based on the balance of yin and yang of the universe, everything in harmony, the human meridian reconcile care for each other health, to create a harmonious living


4.Bobol(Ning) working the new home office in O'nessy building

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5 Dec 2014

Témoignage/From Patients Feedback

                                                                 Témoignage 1

J'ai vécu en Taiwan pendant 3 ans alors je souffrais de douleurs lombaires, j'ai suivi des traitements de massages taoïstes qui m'ont grandement soulagés mais hélas je suis revenu au Quebec. Quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de retrouver une clinique de massage  de ce type a Montreal.  J'ai essaye et maintenant ,,,,,,,,je suis guéri. Merci a Bobol …       

Benny 2012.8.13
                                                                 Témoignage 2       
J'ai eu des mois de douleurs au dos et aux jambes, avec des crampes aux jambes qui m'éveilleraient la nuit avec un fort désir de pousser un cri. Le médicin a ordonné des analgésiques et une demi-heure de marche à tous les jours -- presque impossible! Huit semaines de traitements par Bobol, une et des fois deux fois par semaine, et c'est 95% disparu. C'est un homme généreux, adroit, intelligent et engagé. On a de la chance qu'il s'est établi à Montréal.
I was having a lot of back pain and leg cramps, all day long but worse at night to the point where I would wake up and feel like crying out loud. The doctor prescribed pain pills, which worked to a point, and said "Walk half an hour a day." Easier said than done! After eight weeks of massage by Bobol, once and sometimes twice a week, I am able to stand erect and walk normally, and the pain is 95% diminished. I expect one or two more sessions will eliminate it completely. He works with enormous dedication, skill and generosity. We are lucky to have a practitioner of this calibre in Montreal.
Bruce H.     2012/9/25         

                                                                Témoignage 3

Hier, j'ai pu apprécier un massage qui a soulagé mes tensions lombaires. J'arrivai d'une longue route non-stop, et j'étais courbaturé.
Le masseur Mr.BOBOL, a utilisé une technique sans douleur et efficace, je le conseille fortement.

Yesterday I enjoyed a massage that eased my lumbar's tension . I've driven a long road non-stop, and I was hurting.
The masseur Mr. BOBOL, used a painless and efficient technique, I highly recommend him.

Benoit  St-Laurent   2012.11.20

                                                                Témoignage 4

Just a word to express my gratitude for your work; you are really the best therapist I ever visited. You work very hard and I know you will achieve a lot. Your knowledge of human body is impressing.
Thanks a lot, I appreciate you very much. A big hug and see you soon
Claude from Trois-Rivières                                                
    Témoignage 5
My name is Mario I am 60 years old I have been going to Bobol massotherapie since 2008. I had lots of physical and internal problems, I have stage 3 problems in my neck, problem with my shoulders, my spine L4 L5 S1, serious problems with my hips (gluteus medius), my right knee and right ankle.
All these problems occur of running.
After seeing Bobol my neck, shoulder, back, knees and ankles are feeling good.
Internally I had problems with liver, spleen and kidneys also I have too much Yin and not enough Yang. After regular treatment my live, spleen and kidneys are much better and my Yang has improved a lot.
Also Bobol treat me with moxibuxtion and it helped with my physical pain. It also my helped liver spleen, kidneys and Yang energy. I am very satisfied with the treatment from Bobol and I still continue my treatment with him.
Thank you,
Témoignage 6
 I've tried a few acupuncturist, including one in Shanghai, but I never received such service.  Zhang Ning is amazing!!!  He can do everything!! I came with sharp pain, can't move my arm at all and use painkillers in order to move somehow.

He did strong massage, that was quite intense, but he asked me several times how I feel and if I can handle it :)

He did accupuncture as well, crack my neck and spine, use some herbal warming magic stuff in my back, move my arms, legs in all possible ways.

I never experience all treatments like that in just one appointment!!! He worked on me for one and a half hours. Finally he asked me to make swimming moves and I was choked that all my horrible pain is gone.

I have very old problem, for good 17 years. I've seen a lot of different doctors and tried several techniques. This doctor one of the best!! I made another appointment with him. Too bad I'm leaving Montreal, otherwise I'll be regular customer!

Irina M.  Flushing, United States 2/7/2016

20 Sep 2009

About Us

Bienvenue à la Clinique Bobol de massothérapie tuina. Le Taoïsme est une des religions chinoises anciennes, aussi célèbre que le Confucianisme.  Les Taoïstes croient aux Trois Trésors: le physique, le mental et le spirituel dans l'essence de leur vie.
Basé sur le Taoïsme, notre but est de balancer le physique, le mental et le spirituel de nos clients. 

Welcome to Clinique Bobol de massothérapie tuina.Taoism is one of the ancient Chinese religions, famous as Confucianism. Taoists believe the Three Treasures: physical, mental and spiritual in their essential life.
Based on Taoism, our aim is to balance physical, mental and spiritual for customers.

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2 Jan 2009

The Price

/Metal/métal              ( Lung belongs to the metal)

1.  70$/1h                       Chinese Tui Na
(From Jan 1, 2017  Master Bobol treatment fee: 80$/h,  100$/90mins)

2.  90$/1.5h                    Tui Na traditional Chinese medicine massage

/Wood/bois                 ( Liver belongs to the wood)

 3.  140$/1h                    4 hands Lymphatic Drainage

/Water/eau               ( Kidney belongs to the water)

4.  70$/1h                      Gua-Sha/Cupping/Bloodletting/Moxa  

/Fire/feu                   ( Heart belongs to the fire)

5. 300-600$                   Frozen shoulder,tennis elbow.....                              (3-6times)

/Earth/terre               ( Spleen and stomach belong to the earth)



1 Jan 2009

Do you have a Health Lifestyle?

Lymphatic drainage is a holistic approach to promoting a healthy lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and ducts that move fluid throughout the body and is responsible for moving toxins away from healthy cells and carrying germ-fighting materials to cells when they are under attack by viruses. Though fluid moves through the lymphatic system, it does not have its own pumping mechanism. Lymphatic drainage is a type of therapy that is intended to help the body produce a free-flowing lymphatic system.
Lymphatic massage is a technique used to encourage lymph flow in the body. Lymph is the clear fluid produced by the lymph nodes, located in the neck, chest, underarms, groin, and abdomen. A healthy flow of lymph supports the body's immune system in fighting off toxins responsible for viruses and infection. The lymphatic system — comprised of 500 to 600 lymph nodes, in addition to the spleen, tonsils, thymus, and adenoids — is the body's filter system for dangerous toxins and disease-promoting bacteria. For this reason, the health of the lymphatic system is crucial to the body's ability to heal.

Royal secrete prescription heal male erectile dysfunction
Impotence refers to the inability to have an erection or maintain an erection until ejaculation, which is often seen in sexual neurasthenia and some chronic diseases.Etiology and pathogenesis:There are few reasons will cause this problem:
1) Too much stress, worrying too much, work too hard
2) Too much sex or too much masturbation, causes damages to the heart and spleen and further the Stomach Meridian and Chong Mai
3) Decline of fire of gate of life and use up of essence and blood as a result of early marriage
4) Dampness and heat accumulate in the body
5) Hypertension, Diabetes, Arteriosclerosis, Prostatitis

Most people work because of the various factors in life, the body will cause varying degrees of damage, so it is inevitable that some of the following symptoms may be long standing problem of you, that you should at this moment in time to relax to avoid accumulating, causing irreversible disease.
1. Head and Neck massage (Such as headache; stiff neck; cervical disease; Scapulohumeral Periarthritis, etc.)
2. Back massage (such as sciatica; nostalgia, etc)
3. Foot massage(such as cold feet; insomnia; heel pain)To Application have a massage to help promote blood circulation and metabolic, endocrine regulation, adjusting physiological functions fitness, physical fitness.

13 Nov 2008

Male Energy Regeneration massage

1.Neck/Back and Body Energy
2.Kidney Treatment
3.Lymphatic Drainage
4. Abdominal vibration Therapy

Abdominal vibration method is a traditional Chinese massage techniques in a vibration method. Vibration method is to use a finger or palm focus on certain parts of the body surface or a point on, doing continuous rapid vibration, making treatment part of the way the vibration. The point that refers to the use of vibration method can treat various diseases with acupuncture points corresponding internal organs in the abdomen using the abdominal method known as vibration, can be treated as endocrine dysfunction caused by a series of clinical symptoms, such as diabetes, breast hyperplasia, sexual cool, etc. disease.

Acupressure is an old technique of Chinese cure, which is similar to acupuncture but without needles.This technique consists in applying a pressure to specific points of the body to relieve the pain or blockings. Acupressure is a science which treats the human body along the 12 major meridian lines also called conduits of energy flow or chi. A pressure is applied on points to correct blockings or imbalances in these conduits and to restore the natural balance of the body.

2 Oct 2008

Kidney Treatment Massage

kidney treatment Massage is a kidney by the latest tactics, the way the royal family originated in ancient China with Chinese massage practices meridian theory, on foot through the Shaoyin kidney, liver foot dedicated Yam, the bladder full sun, full Yangyin stomach, feet Shaoyin Gallbladder enough Talin the spleen, impose attack supplementation and practices in order to achieve flexible steel to the main bone of the Tripitaka renal function, which allows for physical fitness, longevity, strong lumbar Effects of Jianshen and Gujing.

2 Sep 2008

论精气神三宝意义/ Taoist Three Treasures.

1. 精,是指人体内部各种物质汇聚而自然形成的最精华、最细微的物质,是人体生命的根本。人始生成,先有精气,精成而脑髓生,骨为干,脉为营,肉为墙,皮肤坚而毛发长。根据精的来源出处,可分为先天之精和后天之精。先天之精乃禀承于父母,即是父母的生殖之精。这就是说胎儿孕育在母体阶段最先禀承的是父母之元精,然后在这个基础上再受母体的气血供养而再生脑髓、骨骼、筋脉、皮肉、毛发等逐渐生长齐全,这就是禀承先天之精的过程。后天之精则来自于后天水谷饮食的精微养份,它是通过水谷人胃、空气人肺后,经过人体的气化作用而生成的。先天之精与后天之精互为表里,相辅相成;共同构成了人体一身的精气。成为人体生命活动的非常重要的物质基础。
2. 气,是构成宇宙间最精微之物质,也是构成人体维持生命活动不可缺少的精微物质。宇宙间万象万物,均禀气而生,禀气而长。人三五天不吃饭可以有生命的存在,若三五分钟不呼吸就没有生命的可能。人之生,气之聚,有气则活,无气则死,这说明气在人体中的特殊作用。精生气,气化精,则说明气赖精以产生,精靠气来转化,相互促进,相互转化,相互激发。气字可以分为广义之气和狭义之气。狭义之气是指呼吸宇宙间的混合之气。广义的气是指人体的真气。修道之士对此两者都非常的重视。真气是由先天之气和后天之气相互凝合而成的,它是人体生命活动的原动力。先天之气是肾的元阴与元阳的聚合之气,也就是所谓之元气。后天之气是由胃所吸纳水谷转化,肺所呼吸之气。气在人体生命活动中的功能不但非常重要而且也是多方面的,但最重要的一点就是气在人体生命中的动力作用。人体中各个器官和组织之所以能够发挥自己的作用,主要的是靠气的动力作用来实现的。所以历代道家修真之士均把气的锻炼,作为练功的一种重要的突破手段,以达到忘却后天,唤回先天,似有似无,绵绵不断而返胎息和无息之境界。  
3. 神,是指人的精神之活动,这是指大脑的功能是人体生命活动的最高表现,并且是对精神意识、思维活动以及脏腑、经络、精、气、血、津、筋骨、皮毛等活动的内在变化和外在表现的高度概括。因此神也有广义和狭义之区分,狭义的神是指心所主的神态,即人的思维意识活动。广义的神是指整个人体生命活动中的内在变化和外在表现的结合。神是由精与气产生出来的,是有物质基础的。它原寓于父母之精血之中,阴阳结合交媾怀胎后则存于胎中,随着胎儿的出生及婴儿的成长,神亦随着生命而逐渐壮大;但这只是产生神的一个方面。从另一个方面,神还得靠后天的营养才能得到生发,以此说明它是由精气合生而成的。狭义之神为后天之神,亦称为“识神”。识神是人在出生后与外界事物接触和学习、工作的过程中逐渐认识而建立的。广义之神谓之先天之神,是从先天所带来的,故称谓元神。元神与识神相偎相依,相辅相成以共同完成所赋功能。神也是维持人体生命活动的一个重要组成部分,若没有神就没有精神、思维活动。若是一个人没有神的支配,就会失去人所具有的双向调节、控制约束之功能,人就无法维持正常的生命活动。神在整个人体生命活动中具有控制生死存亡的决定性作用。为此古今众多前辈真人所流传的道书中,多主张在练功修养之时,要严格注意调理好守神的诀窍。这也是整个修养过程中最为重要的部分和环节。
4. 精,气,神三者虽然各有其特性和作用,但是彼此之间的关联却是非常的密切,它们互相作用,互相转化,互相联系。其中精是基础,气是动力,神则是其主宰。这三者关系相互为治,但是又不是相互平列的。气即产生于精,精的化生又赖于气,而精与气则是神的活动在人体内的物质基础和能量的源泉,因此若精气旺盛的人其神也会旺盛。若精气不足的人其精神就不会充沛。若过度的消耗了精,就必定会使气亏损。若过度耗散了气,也会损耗精。而精与气的过度消耗,都会呈现出神的不足。反过来若神的过度损耗,也会使精与气受到伤害。由此可见,精不能离开气而独活,气又离不开神而独息,神亦离不开气而独存。精满而气则旺,气旺则神足,神足则精力充沛,身体壮实。前人修炼之士,在修道的过程中亦非常注重凝神炼气,炼气生精,炼精化津,炼津生精,炼精化气,炼气化神,炼神而返虚这样可循环的修真养命之过程.
Taoists say: "Sex is the reason we are born and it is the reason we die." What they mean by this is that it was sexual energy that gave us life and it is the misuse of sexual energy that causes premature aging, illness, and eventually death.
To understand how to achieve immortality we must look closely at three energies that the Taoist call the Three Treasures. The Three Treasures are our essential life energies that create everything physical, mental, and spiritual.
The first treasure is "Ching" or "Jing". Ching is our sexual and physical energy and is related to Poor Earth Spirit energy. It's physical manifestation is the sperm, the egg, as well as the whole body. Ching's primordial energy is to motivate us to procreate and be sexual. It is expressed in the blood and sexual fluids of both sexes. The emotional expression for Ching is sensuality and giving.
The second treasure is "Qi" or "Chi". This is our breath and vital energy. We could not live even a moment without Qi. Qi animates the physical body and activates the mental function. It also animates and attracts us to be sexual. The physical expression of Qi is through the orifices of the mouth and penis for men, and mouth and nipples for women. The emotional expression of Qi is passion and kindness.
The third treasure is "Shen", the mind and spirit energy. Shen relates to the Heavenly Spirit or Hun. It has to do with our spiritual existence and creates the consciousness of sexuality. Shen is expressed through the eyes, and this is where the saying "the eyes are the windows of the soul" comes from. Both compassion and wisdom are the emotional expressions of Shen.
A Taoist could not achieve immortality without fortifying these three treasures. Each treasure builds upon the next. Ching is needed to create Qi. Qi is needed to build Shen. In that order. But there is a limit to the amount of Qi (life energy) we have. We are born with a certain amount and when that Qi is used up the body can no longer exist and we die.
Fortunately, Ching (sexual energy) can be cultivated and made stronger. The Taoists found if they could increase their Ching they could restore and revitalize their Qi. When a person=s Qi was strong enough it activated Shen (spirit) and illumination of the mind/spirit was attained. For this reason, the conserving and gathering of Ching was of utmost importance to a Taoist seeking longevity and spiritual enlightenment.
So how does a person increase their Ching?
Before we can begin to look at ways to increase sexual energy, we must first look at the ways we loose sexual energy. A woman loses Ching every time she has her period. A man loses his Ching every time he ejaculates. To conserve Ching, a man must decrease (not eliminate) the amount of times he ejaculates and a woman=s needs to decrease (not eliminate) her menstrual flow. Some texts on Taoist sexology state that a woman needs to limit her orgasms to conserve her Ching. This perspective comes from a male centered philosophy that has mistakenly treated a woman’s restoration the same way as a man's. Nothing could be further from the truth. Females Taoists know that orgasms do not deplete a woman's Ching. Rather, by using certain techniques, she can make full use of it's energy to benefit her health and well-being.
Conservation of sexual energy is only one part of the equation. For full physical restoration and revitalization a person needs to do more than just conserve his/her Ching. One must also practice methods to build and cultivate it. The techniques for doing are different for men and women.
Sexually speaking, Taoist view men and women as equal partners. To restore youthfulness and vitality, each must capture in the other what is lacking in themselves. Men tend to be more yang in nature; their sexual energy tends to be more active and external. A woman is more yin in her nature and therefore her sexual energy leans towards receptivity and internal experience. One need only glance at male and female genitalia to find legitimacy in this theory. To restore his sexual vitality a man must seek out yin experiences. For a woman to restore her youthfulness and vitality she must seek out yang energy. It is by looking beyond our inherent natures we find methods and techniques that bring greater longevity and health.

26 Aug 2008

Daoism (Taoism) words 道教语录

Taoism is quite different from Confucianism. Confucius stressed social conformity while Lao Zi stressed the importance of the individual.
Taoism is a native Chinese philosophy and religion.
The major principle of Daoism is “wuwei”, which means non-action.
There isn’t anything like Daoism seriously practiced in the west.
Did you know that the character for Dao can be found in the Chinese names of many martial arts.
I think the western methods are the best for acute or emergency cases, but Chinese traditional medicine can bring long term health benefits to less serious problems.
You know, you could be feeling under the weather because of an imbalance in your body.
你知道, 因为你身体失衡,你可能会感到不舒服。
The benefits of herbal medicine are that it has a long history, and most remedies will not cause any side effects.
It may be a weed, but to the Chinese herbalist it’s like gold!
Take a dose of this every morning and the cold weather will never bother you again.
Don’t be afraid of the smell, in a week you’ll be as good as new!
It may taste terrible so just drink it quickly.
Don’t be afraid, acupuncture doesn’t hurt a bit.
Acupuncture has a long history and many have attested to its effectiveness.
The needles will end the tightness in your back, and your muscles will be able to heal quickly.
China, a country with a civilization of 5000 years, has contributed to the world its four major inventions, namely, the compass, gun-power, paper-making and movable-type printing. Meanwhile, China has spread across the world its knowledge and methods of traditional health care, e.g. taiji shadow boxing, static qigong breathing and therapeutic massage.